What I learned from Founder Institute Accelerator

Founder Institute is one of the largest accelerator in the world helping thousands of entrepreneurs succeed in their startup journey. I was lucky to be a part of their accelerator program and I cannot measure how much I have learned, but it was truly invaluable and has made me a better entrepreneur. But this post is not about startups, although it applies to all startup founders, because it’s about WEALTH. This is one of the biggest learning in my life and I’m confident it will help other founders too! All the best 🙂

We generally relate wealth to money. Having more money definitely makes us rich, but money alone does not make us wealthy. Money is just a small subset of wealth, a form of wealth.

Our ancestors were more wealthy (not necessarily rich) than most of us. They definitely lived a more happy and prosperous life. It is believed that they identified 16 different forms of wealth, thousands of years ago. The sixteen forms of wealth include:

16 forms of wealth

So, how wealthy are you really? Something to think about 😉

P.S. Thanks to Srikanth Bhagavat and Naveen Lakkur for the graduation gift with this message.


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